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Randles Hotel – Kerry

SEAI Energy Awards finalists announced for Randles Hotel Project

Randles Hotel in Killarney is a historic 116-year-old building. The owner’s vision and commitment to the sustainability plan drove the transition to renewable energy systems.

The projects include installing solar panels, heat pumps, LED lighting, a pool cover, upgraded air conditioning and an energy monitoring system. Grant aid from SEAI through the Better Energy Communities (BEC) scheme facilitated the successful implementation of the projects.

These measures resulted in significant cost savings of 50%, energy usage savings of 55%, and carbon savings of 55%. The transition to energy-efficient systems made the business leaner and encouraged staff to embrace sustainability. The improvements allowed the hotel to employ additional staff, enhancing overall operations.

The transition to renewable energy systems showcases the hotel’s dedication to being eco-friendly and efficient, reducing its carbon footprint and benefiting the environment in the long term.

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Randles Hotel Co Kerry

  Randles Court Hotel PV Installation

Experience sustainability in action at Randles Hotel in Co. Kerry with our latest PV installation, enhancing our commitment to eco-friendly practices. With a system size of 30.4 kWp, our ValkPro+ L10 South Ballast System ensures efficient energy capture.

Featuring 80 Nr of Tier 1 Jinko 380W panels, meticulously installed to optimize solar energy generation, our installation reflects our dedication to green initiatives.

Powering this eco-friendly endeavor are Fronius 27 KW and 6KW Hybrid Inverters, renowned for their reliability and performance. Real-time monitoring ensures optimal energy management, empowering us to make informed decisions for a sustainable future.

Commissioned on the 10th of September 2021, this installation marks a significant milestone in our journey towards environmental stewardship.

Solar Evolution Ltd. also worked alongside MasterTherm on this project. The project was designed and project managed with Tim O’Leary of  BSPM Energy