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Cashel Farmhouse Cheese Co Tipperary

Cashel Farmhouse Cheese Co Tipperary

Experience sustainable cheesemaking at Cashel Farmhouse Cheese in Co. Tipperary with our cutting-edge solar installation. With a substantial system size of 153.79 kWp, this initiative embodies our commitment to environmentally-friendly practices.

Featuring 338 Nr of Tier 1 JA Solar JAM72S20 455W panels, meticulously installed using the VanderValk Trapezodial Southwest/Northwest system, this installation ensures optimal energy capture from sunrise to sunset.

Powering this eco-friendly endeavor are two remarkable Huawei SUN2000-60KTL-M0 inverters and one SUN2000-30KTL-M3 inverter, known for their efficiency and reliability. Real-time monitoring and data analysis are facilitated by Huawei’s WLAN Dongle, ensuring optimal performance and energy management.

With Huawei’s Power Meter-250A-Vico-Export-Solar-Energy, Cashel Farmhouse Cheese gains valuable insights into energy consumption, empowering informed decisions for a sustainable future.

The inclusion of the G10/Egip Protection Panel further ensures operational integrity, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in sustainability.

Join us in celebrating this milestone towards a cleaner, greener future for Cashel Farmhouse Cheese and the community.