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Caragh Precision, Co Galway

Caragh Precision Co. Galway

Elevate your energy game with Caragh Precision Co. Galway’s groundbreaking solar installation. With an impressive system size of 519.61 kWp, this initiative marks a monumental leap towards sustainable energy practices.

Featuring a staggering 1142 Nr of Tier 1 Jinko 455W panels, meticulously installed using the VanderValk Trapezoidal Southeast/Northeast/Southwest/Facing system, this installation ensures maximum energy capture across all orientations.

Powering this eco-friendly endeavor are 6 Nr of Huawei SUN2000-60KTL-M0 inverters, renowned for their efficiency and reliability. Real-time monitoring and data analysis are facilitated by Huawei’s Smart Logger 3000, ensuring optimal performance and energy management.

With Huawei’s Power Meter-250A-Vico-Export-Solar-Energy, Caragh Precision gains invaluable insights into energy consumption, enabling informed decisions for a sustainable future.

Safety and protection are paramount, with 6 Nr of Weidmuller Photovoltaics Combiner Boxes featuring surge protection, ensuring operational integrity.

The inclusion of the G10/Egip Panel further guarantees excellence in every aspect of the installation, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Caragh Precision Co. Galway leads the charge in embracing renewable energy solutions, setting a shining example for industries nationwide.